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Intuitive Counseling & Guidance

Intuitive Guidance and Counseling

In Today’s world, we are encouraged to be very left brain oriented. We are taught to address our “wants”, “needs”, and goals by analyzing the available bits and pieces of information and use our best judgment to decide our path. For many, the path leads us to our goals.

But, what do you do when you are tripping over obstacles or hitting brick walls on your journey? Some people push forward, but lose their way, while others give up after repeated disappointments and “failures”.

Our right brain, our intuitive nature looks at the whole picture to better see the twists, turns, and forks in the road. Once the big picture, (or road map) reveals the direction needed, then the left brain can provide the “driving instructions”.

With practice, using our own intuitive guidance can make our journey more gentle and enjoyable.

My intention when coming to a session is to work from a place of neutrality and clarity, allowing me to connect with you. As we work together you will learn ways to develop and rely upon your own intuitive skills, and to access the “knowing” within yourself.

With intuitive coaching or counseling, I am using my intuitive skills to bring out the very best in you, while being sensitive to your inherent gifts. I work to assist all my clients in discovering those answers, as it is my belief that each person truly knows the answers he or she needs.