Intuitive Counseling
& Guidance

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We all have many questions about our lives.
Where it is going? Why do we feel the way we do?
Why do we act and react the way we do?
We may have many of the same questions regarding our cherished animal companions.

This website offers information to assist you in looking at your life, and your animal companion’s life from a different and deeper perspective.

Intuitive Counseling and Guidance

If you are having difficulty navigating some areas of life, and have found your usual methods of handling issues ineffective, you may find a more intuitive approach to life extremely helpful. How we experience our lives is ultimately up to us. It sounds simple, and it is, yet it can be challenging to execute.

There are many wonderful ways to experience more peace, joy, and contentment in life, as well as, more gentle ways of finding and following your life pathway. Assistance is available for developing your intuitive skills, and perceiving life differently.

Whether you are looking for a more contented, peaceful life, or you are wishing to communicate with a loved animal companion, I am hopeful you will find this site to be an encouraging one that offers hope, peace, and joy.


Animal Communication

We love our animal companions and that closeness helps us sense their basic needs; however, sometimes we know something is taking place that we do not understand. It may be about your companion’s well-being, happiness, or perhaps behavioral issues. Animal communication services can help answer your questions, and at the same time create an even deeper, stronger bond between you and your pet.

Many times clients find their animal companions are very “in sync” with them, and have deep concerns about their human. Animal Communication and Intuitive/Spiritual Counseling frequently overlap. The information gained is helpful in ways that may not have been anticipated.