Intuitive Counseling
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About Mary

For nearly 30 years, Mary’s work in dealing with acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain patients involved counseling in such areas as: nutrition, stress management, medications, natural alternatives, pain management, activities of daily living, attitude and motivation, as well as, life and spiritual counseling. This combination of modalities has been extremely beneficial in assisting persons in their healing process.

Mary’s background includes:

Registered Nurse and Master’s Degree in Counseling & Rehabilitation

Master Level Practitioner in Classical Homeopathy

Certified in Pain Management by the American Academy of Pain Management

Instructor of Dance, Exercise and Mindful Stretching

Instruction in Nutrition and Natural and Alternative Therapies

Energy studies, Remote Energy Work, Chakra Balancing, Manual Therapies

Studies with Spiritual Mentors


As her intuitive abilities evolved, the Spiritual/Life Counseling became a primary focus of her work, as she began to see more clearly the underlying causes or blockages to health and healing.


As these intuitive abilities were increasing, she also began to develop the ability to communicate with animals. With training and practice, Mary became a skilled Animal Communicator and has provided phone consultations for 13 years.


As she provided services in Intuitive Guidance/Counseling, as well as Animal Communication, she found the components overlapped. The Spiritual perspective has always been the basis of all of her work.


Mary experiences life from a different perspective, a perspective that brings more contentment, joy, and peace. She encounters life’s challenges as does everyone else, but through her own Spiritual work, she has found pathways to make the journey more gentle for herself and her clients.