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My Mission

I feel my purpose is to create a bridge between the animal companion and the human, and offer what I can to enhance the relationship between the two.  Sometimes it is just questions and answers between them, but other times there may be difficulties that need some assistance to obtain resolution. Often we may work out a plan to help shift some behaviors.  With behavioral issues; however, it is not simply saying your person wants you to stop, but more the understanding behind the challenge, and then finding a solution.  It has been very interesting to watch this evolve.  Most animals are very grateful for the opportunity to have their humans hear what they have to say.  Likewise the animals are usually quite pleased to understand what is going on with their humans.

This deep connection that many humans experience with their animal companions goes beyond the physical and emotional, opening up to a spiritual connection.  Often as this evolves with the animal, the individuals will experience a deepening of their own spirituality.  Our beloved pets are wonderful teachers, and very generously offer their wisdom.

About A Session

Sessions are conducted by phone as it is not necessary to be physically present.  I typically request a photo of your pet or pets before the visit, although it is not essential.  Many people choose to email these pictures.  Often, people will email their questions or concerns in advance, but again that is not required.

Scheduling an appointment is done by Contacting Mary.

Typically you will speak with Mary to arrange a convenient consultation time.