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Client Stories

Dear Mary,
Thank you so much for helping me accompany my beloved dog, Ryan to the next dimension.  Your words and compassion helped both Ryan and me to move on to the next planes of our lives.  You always bring me great comfort when I have questions and need clarification with all of my animals.  Isaac, our cat, is adjusting to the loss of his big brother, Ryan, thanks to your help and understanding.  I/we are so grateful to all you do for us in times of crisis and happiness.  I want to thank you for always being available to talk to me no matter when I call and am in distress.  You are our earth angel!

I called Mary regarding my two Labrador Retrievers, Remi and Petie. They both had their own unique quirks that I felt needed to be addressed in order for them to live happier lives. Remi, the older of the two would run off randomly at different times. Sometimes, he would be outside with me and stay close and other times he would get this wild look in his eyes and he would just disappear into the woods for a few hours and would not come back no matter how much I called him. We live on a very busy country road and I was worried that he would get hit going off on his little explorations. Mary was able to talk to Remi and was able to listen to what Remi had to say. Mary gave me tools to use such as talking to him more and letting him know where the boundaries of our property were. We also started supplementing him with flower essences. It has been about 5 months since then and he has not had any new adventures in the woods since. We are able to communicate better with Remi and he is a noticeably happier dog.

Petie had anxiety issues and it would cause him to chew blankets if we were gone for more than 3 or 4 hours in a day. Mary communicated with him and the insight that Mary gave us was very helpful. We started to talk to Petie before we would leave in the morning and tell him we will be back and not to worry, we will always come back home. After we started to do that, we would leave the house for varying periods of time and would always praise him when we got back home and tell him how good he was and how proud of him we were for not chewing and for being such a big boy. We have not had to throw away a single blanket since we started. He is not anxious when we leave in the morning and is much happier now. If we have to come back right away because we forgot something we find him fast asleep instead of sitting by the door waiting for us.

Mary’s ability to communicate with the dogs gave us an awareness that we didn’t have. She was not only able to communicate with the boys, but she was able to give us the tools that we needed to help them live a happier life.


About a year ago, we were strongly advised to get our 16 year old cat Buster’s, teeth cleaned.  Post procedure, he had no use of his limbs and was blind.  He could hold up his head, blink his eyes and urinate/defecate but that was the only movement he had.  We were advised by the emergency vet that cared for him overnight to consider euthanasia.  We were not ready to give up until we had him seen by his own vet.  She recommended that we give him two weeks since in her experience good recovery was possible.  I called Mary to ask for her guidance.  Prior to all of this I had asked for help with some of Buster’s behavioral and attitude issues. At that time she was able to help us understand his point of view, what his behavior ‘meant’ and what he needed.

I again contacted Mary to ask for her help to aid us in his recovery in the best ways possible.  She was able to talk with him to help him understand about the stroke’s effects on his movement and eyes. She was able tell me what Buster needed and how I could best help and support him through physical touch, flower essences and energy work.  She provided us with hope that our beloved Buster was himself hopeful and wanted to live and recover.  Her support was invaluable in helping us to a wonderful outcome.  Buster, though still without sight, is a much adored, contented soul who can walk, climb stairs and get down from laps!

Roux and Beazel

Mary, a gifted intuitive with both animals and humans, has done several readings with infinite accuracy and results.  Quite plainly she has helped the flow of the animal-human bond between Roux, our Border Collie, and us.

Roux came to our home over seven years ago with much “baggage”.  A highly intelligent and energetic animal, she lived her life in a small kennel with rare ability to run, play, explore and, mainly work.  She frequently finds the limits of our aggravation with her obsessive-compulsive disorder and aggression.  After many fruitless consults with animal behaviorists, and colleagues, I found Mary.  She immediately established communication with Roux and asked her why she would bite our other dog, a beagle and Hurricane Katrina survivor, who found and adopted my husband, while he was in Mississippi. We have learned we have an impish and highly jealous and possessive Border Collie who wished not just to be the alpha dog but the only dog.  Mary also spoke with Roux on the meanings of love and told her there was enough love in our home for both dogs. The aggression, while not completely gone, has been greatly mollified. Mary learned, by communicating with Roux, that while we both become frustrated, her anxiety increases when her human “dad” becomes upset, and decreases her ability to control her compulsions.  This part of the human-animal bond she touched upon just spoke truth.  I choose to have periodic consults, and I could not think of a more willing, patient and heartfelt animal communicator than Mary File.


In the 80’s and 90’s we had the “purrfect” family, our German Shepherd Jessie, and two Maine Coon Cats, Moses and Jacob.   How often we used to wish that we could communicate with them . . . “how do you feel, what tastes good to you, is there something that you need, is anything bothering or upsetting you?”. Even after they crossed over we still had questions.

Then our wish came true in Mary File when our animals began to talk to us through her. They thanked us for being good and loving parents and that they love us and are with us. In an especially challenging time Jessie told Mary to tell mom that it would be alright.They told us that we needed to get beyond our loss and open our hearts again, that “our home was lifeless . . . your home and your life needs animal energy”. We heard in our hearts what our kids were saying to us.

Soon after, by no coincidence we are sure, Lily, a twelve week old stray coon cat came to us in a most deliberate and unexpected manner, and we are in love again.

The difference for us now is that we no longer have to wish and wonder. We have the perfect animal communicator – Mary File.  Lily’s transition into our family, her being spayed, her bouts with illness and learning her tastes in food have all been made easier and trauma free by talking and listening to her through Mary.  Lily’s first question to Mary was “what took them so long to come and get me?”.

Not only is Mary able to communicate with Lily, she has also given us Bach Flower remedies to improve her emotional well being.

Working with Mary File is a wonderful experience. We know that Mary loves all of God’s creatures, and that they all love her right back.


It all started when I took Bella to the Vet for what I was told was “Head Tremors”.  The Vet pretty much told me that there wasn’t anything to do about it unless I wanted to get brain scans and neurological test done.  I took Bella to Mary, and incredibly that day the tremors stopped.  What seemed to bring them on was the connection that Bella and I had.  Bella felt my stress and sadness and Mary was able to help both of us through this situation.  Bella has continued to communicate with Mary on pretty consistent basis without me.  Amazingly, Mary will call me with information that she would have no way of knowing.  Bella doesn’t know how to keep a secret, and Mary has an amazing gift to be able to work with the animals in this way.

Lexi (aka: Dootsie) and Sullivan

Mary has a very special relationship with our dog, Dootsie.  Dootsie is a thirteen pound, Chihuahua Poodle mix.  She has a very spunky personality, knows what she wants and is exceedingly intelligent.  Mary has known her for over four years and the two have developed a very sweet and loving connection.  Dootsie gets very excited when we tell her she’s going to visit Mary.  Her ears perk up and she wags her tail.  She reserves that attention for only very special people in her life.

Mary has spoken to Dootsie numerous times about various subject matters, everything from how she’s feeling physically and emotionally to giving her advanced notice that we would be going out of town.  Mary’s incredibly accurate.  It’s almost like she and Dootsie chat over a cup of tea, like two old friends, and then she shares the conversation with me.

Mary spoke to her recently about handling some potential new changes in her life, such as the arrival of her new puppy brother.  The first thing Dootsie told Mary was “No, he’s not coming to this house.”  Mary continued to work with her until the puppy moved in.

My aunt and uncle had two Border Collie puppies from their litter and they offered me one of them.  It was my choice.  I asked Mary if she could talk to each of them to find out which one of the puppies wanted to come home with me.  One of the puppies, Sullivan, told Mary, even before I met him, that he was the one.  Mary was right on, Sullivan and I hit it off right away and he was by my side giving me every indication he was my choice or more accurately, I was his choice.

It was tremendously helpful to Dootsie to discuss the puppy situation with Mary, so she was prepared when Sullivan came into the house.  The two played together quite a bit, but there was still some tension for Dootsie.  After about a week, Mary asked Sullivan how things were going.  Sullivan’s response, “I like her a lot, but I don’t think she likes me.”  Eventually though with Mary’s help the two have become closer.

Mary has shown us she’s an incredible animal communicator and she’s also a terrific animal mediator.